Big Box

Advatages of Big Box Containers:

  • Cost Savings
  • Adaptable uses
  • Durability
    and more…..
  • Engineered of structural foam-injected high density polyethylene (HDPE), you can trust Big Box containers to far outlast the alternatives.
  • Even after years of use, they will not warp, erode, splinter or rust.
  • Big Box containers are available in two standard footprint sizes, 48 x 44 and 42 x 29 inches, ideal for uses in many industries.
  • The applications of the Big Box range from the handling of small parts to large finished goods. Plus, the solid, seamless construction offers a watertight interior, perfect for holding pellets, powders and liquids.
  • Lids for the Big Box 4844 feature a smooth, slightly domed top, reinforced by ribs in the interior surface, which sheds water easily.
  • Molded of FDA-approved material, Big box containers are a natural for agriculture, fisheries and food processing as the easy-to-clean surface assures a sanitary container for repeat use.
  • The Big Box container is so versatile, that it has been customized as a first-aid kit for an ocean-spill emergency response team. Industries that have experienced the benefits of the Bog Box container include food, chemical, resin and textiles, among many others.

Drain Plugs

To facilitate washing, rinsing or emptying contents, the Big Box 4844 container has an optional drain plug located on the bottom corner.

Reinforced Corners

For extreme durability under rough handling, each corner on the Big Box is reinforced along its entire length. The inner surface is smooth for strength and ease-of-cleaning. The Big Box differentiates itself From other containers with its seamless corner design with no sharp angles to trap dirt or debris.

Lid Options

Rugged structural loam lids further protect the contents of Big Box containers. A lid with an optional O-ring seal provides a watertight cover for the Big Box 4844 or 4229 container.

FDA Approved and Sanitary

Molded of FDA-approved material, Big Box containers are a natural for agriculture and food processing applications. You can rest assure that your products will be safe and sanitary.


Positive base-to-top interlock allows for self-supporting stacks of Big Box containers, with or without lids. Not only does this guarantee more space in your warehouse, but it also ensures a neat and efficient storage system.

Easy Forklift Entrance

Big Box 4844 allows four-way access (forklift to pallet jack); Big Box 4229 allows two-way access. All openings are beveled For easy access.