Carts, Buggies & More

Carts, Buggies & More

Designed with strong, insulated double walls, the Saeplast line of wheeled carts and buggies are ideally suited for handling both wet and dry goods. The sturdy undercarriage construction, nylon wheels, stainless steel axles and ergonomic handles have been designed for easy maneuvrability and handling. Capacity for each range from 400 pounds to 1000 pounds and are available with lids. Stainless steel dumping brackets are available for all models.




Insulated Containers

Saeplast’s insulated containers are the result of more than three decades of innovative research and development. Now, our doublewalled containers are ready for the most extreme of weather and usage conditions. On board or on the plant floor, these containers are ready for processing, storage and transportation of a wide variety of food products. They are stackable with or without lids and can be three-packed for easy empty return. Made with medium-density polyethylene, these food-approved containers can be rotated and are easy to clean. Design features include a drain hole and a slot for plug storage, and the reinforced base with a centre beam allows for versatility in handling. The DX310HD, D318HD, D327HD and D332HD can also be used for storage and transportation of dry ice (HD = Heavy Duty).


New Improved “D” Series



Defrosting/ Chilling Containers

A simple and direct solution to the problems of long chilling and defrosting times, the Defrosting/Chilling Container allows water and compressed air to be pumped in through the nine spouts molded into the container’s base. The whirlpool effect reduces the thawing time by 50% and results in a fresher, superior product. They are supplied with easy-to-use stainless intake valves for the quick connection of any combination of air and water.


Non-Insulated Containers

Pallet-sized, lightweight and double-walled, these containers are engineered specifically for pickling, storing, refrigerating and transporting wet and dry goods. The floor is sloped for maximum drainage and a slot is provided for a plug while not in use. Its exterior design enables secure maneuvrability by both pallet jack and forklift and is suitable for multilevel stacking—with or without lids. Three-pack them for easy empty return.


Multi-Purpose Container

The new Multi-Purpose 660 container is constructed from a hard wearing polyethylene shell filled with expanding polyethylene. This advance in construction has created a tougher, longer lasting container that is completely recyclable. With optional polyethylene lid, strong accessable hoisting grips, two legs for easy forklift entry from all sides and optional drainage holes the MPC 660 is unique and dependable for all types of stringent hygenic foodstuffs handling.

Advantages over single wall construction:

  • virtually a solid plastic wall 1.4” thick
  • extremely low maintainance
  • longer lifespan


On-Board Handling Box

The only one of its kind on the market today, the On-Board Handling Box with its three-section lid and optional gate dividers, allows you to conveniently sort and grade shellfish. It can hold eight 70-litre tote trays or 12 rebox trays and the spill-resistant lid also doubles as a secure work shelf when closed. Three drainage holes allow water to circulate and its sturdy, durable and seamless construction further ensures hygienic handling of fish products at all times. The sloped base of the box facilitates easy cleaning and the two molded-in handles aid maneuvrability. Once it’s on-board, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!


Live Transport

Whether your valuable fish product is being shipped from the hatchery to the growing site or to market, the Live Transport Container is the smart choice in the industry today. It is a lightweight, versatile, cost-effective and safe solution for live fish transportation. The medium density polyethylene foam-filled container allows for long-term durability—providing an R18 insulation factor to maintain waterj temperature. From the lid to the base, the Live Transport Container is designed to make your work easier with quick connect air attachments to access any type of air source and sloped base to the release gate for easy disbursement of fish. The insulated lid, with neoprene seal, prevents spillage during transportation while its eight-inch water-tight locking cam-lock ensure secure and leak-proof transportation.


Plastic Pallets

Constructed of durable polyethylene, Saeplast Pallets represent a secure investment for transportation or storage requirements. Designed to allow for flexible use, the pallets fit all standard North American transport systems. They can be easily maneuvered by pallet jack or forklift. With features like flat top or raised lip, non-skid rough surface (flat top only), four-way forklift entry, imprinted serial number for product identification, stackability, and ease of cleaning, our pallets easily replace wooden pallets and all their inherent problems. And, they are 100% recyclable, too.