Liqui-Trip – 1000 Ltr Liquid Container

The safe and strong one trip answer for the transportation of liquids where the recovery of packaging is undesirable or uneconomic.

Manufactured in multi-layer reenforced corrugated board with a wooden pallet, all materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Liquitrip is quick to assemble and easy to dispose of.

Liqui-Trip is supplied flat packed to reduce the storage and transportation cost of empty units and can be readily and quickly assembled for use. The combined liner and cassette ensures an easy and efficient fill and decant. The unit can be safely stacked 3 high and a water proof cover is provided for weather protection. Each pack includes: box, pallet, sterile inner liner and outer cover. A heater mat is also available.

Liqui-Trip comfortably carries 1000 litres, with easy filling and decanting.

When looking for efficient economy – There is the only one way to go.


  • Make up the bottom tray by folding the flaps inwards and securing with sticky tape on each joint. Place on pallet with the discharge hole adjacent to an open edge of the pallet.
  • Open out the inner sleeve to form the octagon shape and stand it inside the bottom tray ensuring that the discharge holes are lined up.
  • Make up the top tray in the same manner as the bottom tray and place on the top of the inner sleeve.
  • Open out the outer sleeve to form the octagon shape and place over the container, pushing it right down to the pallet once again ensuring that the perforated cut out, lines up with the discharge hole.
  • Make up the lid by folding all creases and locating the tabs in the corresponding slots.
  • Cover with weather proof shroud provided and band twice before shipping.

Ensure Unit Is Banded to Pallet Prior to Moving