Liquifold 315

LIQUIFOLD 315 – Intermediate Bulk Container

LiquiFold 315 is a Bag in Box Intermediate Bulk Container which folds flat for space efficiency and is specifically designed to produce savings, improve handling and address environmental issues, for all non-hazardous liquids. During LiquiFold’s design process, every aspect of the handling chain has been analyzed to determine user friendly and efficient solutions for filling, decanting, storage, transport and cleaning. The result is a versatile new handling system for liquid products, which offers significant benefits over existing systems and provides a contemporary solution that embraces the future.

LiquiFold 315 takes up very little space when folded, thus optimizing return transport and storage capacity

One person can easily prepare the container for filling.


The highest standards of hygiene are a fundamental requirement when handling food and chemicals. LiquiFold 315 is made of materials approved for use with food, has a hygienic design and is easy to keep clean. The flexible liner can be sterile and can be filled and emptied without allowing air into the container.


LiquiFold 315 is designed for extremely tough handling. All products are tested for transport by truck, rail, sea container and break bulk shipping. Particular consideration has been paid to railway carriage shunting, which can entail extremely hard impacts, stresses and strains.

Intermediate Bulk Containers

  • Simplifies Handling
  • Minimizes Packaging Material
  • Reduced Packaging Cost
  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Improved Ergonomics

The Perfect Packaging Solution for Liquid Products

The filling process can easily be done using existing systems.

LiquiFold 315 can be stacked up to five high when filled — even for long-term outdoor storage.

After Emptying, LiquiFold 315 is easily folded flat for return transport. To release the end panels, press the grey thumb buttons and push the panel into the container.


A reusable system eliminates the need for large quantities of disposable packaging material. A foldable reusable system saves on return transport compared to a rigid system. Life Cycle Analysis conducted at the University of Lund in southern Sweden show that LiquiFold 315 dramatically reduces environmental impact compared to the most common systems for liquids handling.


The aim of LiquiFold 315 is to combine the benefits of a rigid return container system, with the simplicity of disposable products. The fact that the containers fold together reduces return transport costs and storage space. Flexible liners make cleaning extremely simple and increase product safety, as well as reducing scrap. Compared to a disposable system, LiquiFold 315 offers quick payback on investment due to a significant decrease in material consumption.

A Revolutionary Packaging Solution for Fluid Handling

Side walls and base have rounded corners and smooth surfaces, with no cavities where dirt can gather, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and security.

Integrated 4-way pallet allows efficient and secure handling by forklifts and hand trucks.

LiquiFold 315 containers are designed for use with a recyclable liner.

Twin-wall side walls engineered for optimum strength.

LiquiFold 315 containers can be easily and quickly folded when empty for space-saving storage and cost effective distribution.

Ergonomic handgrips make it easy to grasp the side walls to quickly erect or fold the container.

LiquiFold 315 containers are equipped with a unique corner locking system that ensures optimum performance even under stress such as high pressure filling and rail transport.

LiquiFold 315 lid has integrated handles on the long sides to facilitate the placement and removal of the cover

To protect container contents, the LiquiFold 315 lid comes with a unique locking system that secures the cover at eight different places.

Stacking ridges ensure the cover and skid interlock when stacked, allowing a safe, self-supporting column in storage and distribution.

Large labeling areas around the top perimeter of the container, including corners, are available for identification of contents.

Tamper evident seals are available for maximum security of container contents and comply with HACCP requirements

Flexibility in Focus

LiquiFold 315 has been developed for use in a wide range of industries and situations. It is designed for different types of liquids which are filled under varying conditions, and with varying demands on shelf-life. LiquiFold 315 can be stored outdoors for long periods, as well as indoors in freezer rooms, for example. LiquiFold 315 is a highly flexible and efficient system, stacks five high when full, can be heated, has excellent insulation, folds flat for transportations and complies with FDA, CFIA, Kosher and HACCP requirements.

Simple handling—for everyone

LiquiFold 315 is equally easy to handle for the company filling and delivering, as for the one receiving and emptying. The most important locking devices on the containers have a simple design, and operation is extremely easy. A lot of effort has been devoted to making all the details as lightweight and ergonomic as possible, ensuring ease and efficiency for anyone using the system.

Small details—big impact

Design innovations have resulted in smooth surfaces and rounded corners to ensure the highest standards of hygiene, secure protection of the contents and provides a safer working environment at every stage. All parting lines are overlapping, and it is impossible to access and damage the contents. Even dust and moisture are shut out of a filled LiquiFold 315. Should an accident occur and a LiquiFold 315 component becomes damaged, the modular construction ensures easy replacement.

Flexible liner protects the contents

LiquiFold 315 is used with a food-grade or aseptic liner which can be filled without allowing air to mix with the product. The contents are protected against external damage and oxidation. When required an aseptic filling system can be used, which together with a gas-tight liner guarantees extended shelf life. When the product is to be used, it can be decanted without allowing air into the container; the flexible liner collapses ensuring no oxidation takes place during the emptying process. This is particularly important when dealing with products that are readily affected by contact with air. The flexible liner is easy to drain completely, thus avoiding product residue. After emptying the liner is replaced and can be sent for material recycling, reducing environmental impact.

Commercially Efficient

LiquiFold 315 is available for purchase, lease or daily hire/rent; providing flexible, efficient solutions for all commercial requirements. The facility to rent/hire containers from one location and dehire in another, can provide major economic benefits by removing the need for return shipments. LiquiFold 315 is a proven system with a comprehensive package of ancillary equipment to ensure product handling efficiency across a broad spectrum, which in addition to full user support; provides the modern solution for the old challenge of liquids handling.

Accessories and customized solutions

LiquiFold 315 is available for various applications, all of which place different demands on the system’s accessories. New innovations are continuously being developed for different areas of use, to broaden the scope of applications and enhance efficiency.

Future demands, today

Our know-how is based on over 25 years’ experience in materials handling. Care for the environment has always been our guiding principle, which has resulted in solutions based on return systems and recycling. Financial gains often go hand in glove with environmentally friendly logistical solutions, and this connection will prove even stronger in the future. For those with HACCP or process control requirements, LiquiFold 315 is the ideal solution.

Product Information – Decanting

2 Part Pusher/Cutter Assembly

Below are instructions to dispense a tote with a 2” BSP fitment using Tote Solutions 2” BSP 2 part pusher/cutter assembly with a Tote Solutions V50 gate valve

Items needed:
IC-2036: V50 gate valve IC-9009: 2”BSP 2 part cutter assembly

Tote is ready for dispense

Dispense fitment

Remove crown cutter from fitment

Flip crown cutter 180° and put back into fitment

Thread bottom assembly of the 2 part cutter adapter to fitment

Thread pusher to V50 gate valve

Thread V50 gate valve wiith pusher to bottom assembly until it stops

Membrane is now cut, attach necessary adapter Tote is ready for dispense

Product Information – Liner Placement and Filling

How to insert a liner in the container

Proper insertion of a form-fit liner into a Liquifold unit

Remove liner from box and place on table Note: Can also use Liquifold tote lid

Unfold liner

Open liner, keep dispense fitment towards you

Remove bubble wrap from fill and dispense. Attach Liquifold clip to the dispense fitment

Pull dispense fitment forward

Place liner in container with dispense fitment end in first

Connect clip to Liquifold tote

Attach fill fitment to fill bridge

Tote is ready to fill

Ancillary Equipment – Options


Used to position and fit the liner into the container.


Aseptically pierces the liner membrane to allow product flow.



The filling gland on the liner bag is connected to a filling bridge for easy filling.


The tamper evident seal is used to secure the eight locki ACCP compliance.


THe tamper evident cap protects the discharge area during transportation / storage and is part of the HACCP compliance.


A wide range of liner bags are available which are produced from multiple layers and seam welded. They also carry FDA, HACCP, CFIA and Kosher approval.


Various connectors are available. The connectors are attached to a filling or discharge hose with the hose either connected to the filling or decant gland.



Used to decant high viscosity products.


Thermostatically controlled heater mat. Positioned under the liner prior to filling and used to assist flow with high viscosity products.


Option for decanting.


Technical Datasheet