Sight Strip

Sight-Strip is a patented two piece sealed, electronic strip, designed to show internal product levels for containers with solid walls. The inside section adheres to the unit’s inner wall, becoming part of the container and features sensitive pressure sensors. The outside section simply “plugs in” to the inner, connecting the two and providing a continuous L.E.D. level readout of the liquid contained inside.

Bag in Box

Sight-Strip is ideal for use with bag in box containers, where solid walls hide the product within. Even the use of a sight gauge can deceive, due to the effect of the internal liner ‘hanging up’ at the sides during emptying.

Highly Visible

Sight-Strip can be easily seen high up on racking or in poorly lit areas.

For Single Trip/One Way Containers:

After emptying, Sight-Strip’s inner section can be disposed of along with the container. The outer, multi-use section is disconnected and retained for re-use.


Sight-Strip can be supplied with printed calibration for accurate measuring. Sight-Strip’s sealed battery will provide up to 2 year’s use. The easy plug in connector attaches and detaches in seconds.

Fitting Instructions

The inner section of the Sight-Strip is positioned and fixed to the inside of the container as shown; simply peel and stick. This section will remain with the container becoming a permanent feature. This strip also has a smooth surface and will withstand regular pressure washing.

The outside section is attached by removing the container lid, locating the connector as shown and pushing home to secure. The outer strip will comfortably hang on the outside of the container during use.

When the container is emptied, the outer section of the Sight-Strip can be disconnected and stored for future use. Power is only used when the two components are connected and the sealed battery will provide up to two years of usage.

For multi-use containers, the inner section of Sight-Strip remains in place becoming a part of the container and will continue to operate whenever the outer section is connected.

For single use/one way containers, the inner section can be disposed of along with the container. In all cases, the outer section of Sight-Strip is retained for use again and again.